The Idea

The Workers Theatre is a new project to create a co-operatively owned and managed theatre in Scotland. We’re launching with residencies, collaborations and pop-up events, working towards opening a new venue. Our work will be guided by our Manifesto for a Workers Theatre, and will always be run on democratic co-operative principles. For now, you can find out more about who we are and what we’re doing, hear how you can contribute, and help us dream up a better theatre.

We launched in February 2017 with a hugely successful crowdfunded residency project: MEGAPHONE, supporting artists of colour in Scotland. That summer we held a storming launch weekender at the Glad Café, Glasgow, which shared the residency work in a wider programme of accessible and exciting art.

We are currently working a project to open a new studio theatre within the next three years. Meanwhile, we will be holding more residencies and events, with the next public event planned for October 2019.