MEGAPHONE is an artist-led project to diversify Scottish theatre. Launching in 2016 with a Kickstarter organised by Sara Sharaawi and the Workers Theatre, we crowdfunded £12,500 to support 4 residencies for artists of colour in Scotland. Works in progress will be presented at the inaugural Workers Theatre Weekender, June 9th-11th, and extracts will be printed in Gutter Magazine.

The inaugural MEGAPHONE residents are:

  • Mara Menzies, whose storytelling performance will explore African mythology and women’s experience.
  • Bibi June Schwithal, whose piece will explore five generations of their family, stretching from Indonesia to Holland to Glasgow.
  • Hannah Lavery, with a spoken word show looking at her own identity and the colonial experience.
  • Lucas Kao, with an audiovisual and dance performance about Taiwanese identity.

Our inaugural MEGAPHONE residencies were made possible thanks to the following people:

A Crow, Adura Onashile, Africa in Motion Film Festival, Agata Maslowska, Ailie Crerar, Al Breen, Alan Bissett, Alec Brasier, Alex Fernandes, alex swift, Alison Urie, Amna Saleem, Andrew Blair, Andrew Eadie, Andrew Latimer, Andrew Macdonell, Andrew Rubens, Andy Edwards, Anna Murray, Anna S, Annabel Turpin, Anne, Annie George, Aoife Keenan, Ashli Mullen, Becca Inglis, Bee George, Belle Jones, Ben Tyson, Ben Watson, Beth Frieden, brett klisch, Buster Blue, C Kane, CR Stocks-Rankin, Caitlin MacColl, Caitlin McNeill, Callum Smith, Calum Rodger, Carly Brown, Carolyn Black, Catherine Love, Cathy Singh, Catriona MacAllister, Catriona MacLeod, Charlotte Brady, Chris Fremantle, Chris Giles, Christie Williamson, Christine Devaney, Christine Hamilton, Christopher Silver, Cindy Womack, Claire Askew, Claire Biddles, Claire Needler, Claire Willoughby, Dan Rebellato, Dani Rae, Danni Glover, Darren East, Dave Coates, David Archibald, Dee Heddon, Deepankar Khiwani, Derek White, Dominic Hill, Dragon Sexmaster, Eilidh Lean, Eley Williams, Ellen McAteer, Emma Ainley-Walker, Emma Jayne Park (Cultured Mongrel), Emma Ward, Erin Hardee, Esmond Sage, Eszter Marsalko, Fiona Ferguson, For the nameless, Frederick Alexander, Gav Prentice, Gavin Cameron, Gavin Pringle, George Aza-Selinger, Geraldine, Geraldine O’Neill, Gillian Smee, gobscure, Grant Reekie, Gregory, Habiba Helmy, Hanna Slattne, Hannah Johnstone, Hannah Nicklin, Heather Corcoran, Heather McDaid, Helen McClory, Helen Sedgwick, Henry King, Iain, Irina Glinski, Isabel Wright, Jake Griffin, James T. Harding, Jane Sunderland, Jen Stout, Jen White, Jeni Reid, Jennifer Fawcett-Thorne, Jenny Lindsay, Jenny and Owen Blacker, Jeremy Franklin, Joe Douglas, Joette Quek MY, John Boursnell, Jordan Hoxsie, Judith Taylor, Julieanne Hogg, Justin Kenrick, Karen Bartke, Karl Nordström, Kate Dowling, Kate MacDougall, Katherine M, Katherine Mackinnon, Katherine Nesbitt, Kathryn Rose, Katie Ailes, Katie Bruce, Katy Hastie, Kim Allan, Kirsten Ross, Kirstyn Smith, Klace, LapsArt, Laura Waddell, Lauren Rodger, Laurie Motherwell, Lewis Hetherington, Leyla Josephine, Linda Killen, Linden & Michael O’Neill, Lisa Clark, Liz Carruthers, Lizzie S., Llaura McGee, Lori Baldwin, Lorna, Lou Sarabadzic, Lucy Elizabeth Brown, Lucy Pickering, Lux A, Lynda Radley, Mamoru Iriguchi, Matt Addicott, Matt Rosewood, Matthew Sweeney, Maurice Smith (TVI Vision), Melanie Jordan, Mhairi Mair, Michael Gill, Michael Marten, Mike Dailly, Mike Murphy, Minos Games, Mo Schoenfeld, Mohd Samir Alman bin Sulaiman, MugStock Festival, Muireann Crowley, Nadine Holdsworth, Nalini Paul, Neil Chue Hong, Neil Hargreaves, Nicholas Bone, Nick Brooks, Nick Sims, Nina Ballantyne, Oliver Emanuel, Olivia Ouwehand, Paige Kimble, Pat Ashe, Paul Brownlee, Paul Fischer, Paul Hughes, Perween Richards, Pete MacDonald, Peter Clive, Peter Fitzsimmons, Peter Lorenz, Petri Autio, Philip Goose, Philip Howard, Poems-For-All, Pomme Bour, Rachel, Rachel D’Arcy, Rachel Hamada, Rachel Knight, Rachel McCrum, Rea Cris, Rhea Lewis, Rhiannon Sims, Rich Dyson, Richard Palmer, Rob Jones, Rob McDowall (@robmcd85), Robbie Guillory, Robert Bradley, Rory Scothorne, Rosanna Hall, Roseanne Watt, Ryan Van Winkle, Ryan Vance, SamLR, Samuel Tongue, Sarah Anderson, Sarah Irving, Sarah Ord, Sarah Stewart, Scott Hames, Sean, Shorts Tiger, Simon William Cree, Stephanie Arsoska, Stephen Greenhorn, Stephen Watt, Steve Greer, Stewart Sanderson, Sue Gyford, Sue Mitchell, Susannah Armitage, Swithun Crowe, Sònia Gardés, Tasha Turner, Tegan Aloysius, Tim Norwood, Tom Coles, Turmeric Media Limited, Verity Leigh, Vicki Husband, Walt Hopkins, Wee Beth, Woodrow Phoenix, Word-o-Mat, Zara Gladman, Zoe Strachan and 222 other backers.

We’re hugely grateful for their belief and their support. It proved that people coming together can truly change art for the better, and we’re very proud.

If your name should be in this list and isn’t, don’t worry! It just means something went wrong with the backer survey somehow. Contact us at and we’ll sort it out.